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How Many Months A Year have 28 days?

This might be a tricky question depending on the premise. Technically, all the months of the year has 28 days as the total number might vary from 28 to 31. Thus, the answer can be 12 months a year have 28 days. However, only one month of a year has exactly 28 days, except for… Read More »

How Much Does a Brick Weigh

What to do first, when calculating the building blocks of the wall? Bricks are the building block of walls. They are the materials used for the construction of fireplaces, buildings and patios. The constituents of bricks are aluminum silicate (commonly known as clay) and calcium silicate. They are usually rectangular in shape. In order to… Read More »

How many weeks in a school year

On an average, a typical American educational system says that the number of instructional time for an elementary or high school is 180 days, considering the vacations and all the individual holidays that are taken into account by the schools. School Holidays Christmas – 2 Weeks Spring – 2 Weeks Summer – 6 Weeks There… Read More »

How Many Ounces Are in a Pound?

When it comes to measurement systems, there are mainly two of them—the imperial system and the United States standard system. Normally, we go for the former. Thus, in terms of the imperial system, the basic units used are pounds and ounces. Pounds and ounces were more popular in the United Kingdom till the 2000s. The… Read More »